I’m not sure why, but BLTs are seemingly the perfect summer food. This struck me as odd today as I am frying up hot greasy strips of pork in a sweltering kitchen on a 102 degree day. However, the results speak for themselves. Sarah, Katie, and Brendan all agreed it was the ideal meal for this last day of July.

I just thought I’d share some thoughts on this as I am trying to get into this blogging thing.

I think that it’s really all about the tomatoes. Juicy, garden fresh tomatoes are one of the main things that make Midwest summers tolerable. I am extremely lucky to live out in farm country where many families put their tomatoes out by the road for sale. I am doubly fortunate to have one such operation across the road.

Perhaps it says something about me that I don’t know our neighbors across the road, and that the only time I venture onto their property is during the two months of summer that they put up a folding table, scale, and welded iron pipe out to collect money for their operation. Our nameless neighbors sell their tomatoes for $.50 a pound! FIFTY CENTS! * I went out to their stand this afternoon, and picked out 7 ripe balls of juicy goodness. Their tomatoes are pretty small, but they are so sweet, and don’t last long at home.

* Two things: I never see them empty the pipe, nor do I know how they would open the thing…it is a mini Fort Knox of vegetable money. But when they do, are they like, “Six dollars! SWEET! Those three months of garden labor are totally worth it!”

Secondly, I love the fact where I live in an area where people just put out food and leave pipes, buckets, or coffee cans to leave the money. It is old-fashioned America where I live. Please do not come to my neighborhood and start stealing tomatoes and ruin our fun.

Anyway, I went in this afternoon and prepped for dinner. I sliced the tomatoes and cut the lettuce (Romaine…does any one have a good reason for using iceberg lettuce on anything?). Then I was faced with the bacon. I bought cheap bacon at ALDI last week, since we were low on cash and needed food for the children.

ALDI bacon sucks. It’s too thin and splits into mini bacon pieces. But, I proceeded to bake half the bacon and fry the rest. Every time I bake bacon, I wonder why I even bother to fry. It makes me wish I had two ovens, or the patience to wait 40 minutes for two batches of bacon. In the end, even though it was ALDI bacon and kind of sucks, it is still BACON! Salty, greasy, meaty, fatty strips of porkfection.

Family gathered, prayed over the meal, and built our bit of summer perfection. Finally, I’ll leave you with a question. What do you do to dress your BLT? I prefer big globs of mayonnaise, while my lovely wife swears by peanut butter. Tonight we had some guacamole on hand, so I did the full monty, mayo on one side, guac on the other. What do you like?

Peanut butter?

Let me know!