As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are lucky to live in a place where people sell their home grown produce during the summer.  Of all the summer treats our family looks forward to, the one we probably most enjoy is Heitmann Corn.  

The Heitmann family goes to our church, and they grow a fairly large amount of sweet corn on their family farm that they put up for sale each summer.  

There must be some enchantment in our deep, fertile, river bottom soil, because their corn is pure magic.  (Or maybe it is just a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and nitrogen…but I prefer magical soil enchantment.)

Giant ears with massive kernels that are bursting with the sweetest corn juice (is that the term?) we have ever had.  

So, on Monday, I went out to the Heitmann’s farm to grab a dozen ears for dinner that night.  Just thought I’d pass along a few pics to share the experience.



A nondescript sign lets you know what’s available…notice the sign doesn’t say “World’s Best Corn.”  No need to gloat when you are the best.

You pull up the driveway, and there is a storage shed where you pick your ears.  Also, the Heitmanns sell watermelons and cantaloupe.  More on the watermelons later.Image

Inside the shed, there is a refrigerated locker, you will find burlap sacks filled with summertime treasure.Image

Once you’re done, you can pay in the bucket ($4.00 per dozen), or if Gladys is home, you can give the money to her.



So, that day I picked up a dozen ears of corn and a watermelon.  I bought a pretty large watermelon for $2!  If you’ve seen watermelon in the grocery stores lately, that is a bargain…and it is SOOO much better than a store-bought melon.

Anyway, this post would not be complete without pics of my lovely produce model…



I name this artistic iphone composition, “Contemplation on the Cob.”



“Wonderful Wife and Watermelon.”

Now that I have made you envious of my locally grown goodness, you may be asking yourself, “Where can I get this prized produce?”  Well, take Highway 94 north of St. Charles, get onto Highway H and follow the signs.  I hope you enjoy the sweet fruits of summer as much as I have this week.

Finally, I’ll ask, what is your favorite locally grown produce?