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I cannot lie…

You other brothers can’t deny…



I have been lightly snacking on smoked pulled pork all week long.  Last weekend our school celebrated its 150th anniversary.  For the event, one of our parents smoked an enormous amount of pork butt that was made into pulled pork to serve at the event.  When I had it there, it was fantastic.

Even though we had about 300 people at school for the anniversary, we still had a huge amount of pork left over.  On Monday, I took a nibble of some leftovers.

On Wendesday, I had a full plate of pork with some bbq sauce.

Last night, we took the leftovers to Music on Main in St. Charles, added bbq sauce, and sold pulled pork sandwiches.

There were still leftovers.  So I took a bag of pork home last night.

Tonight, the talented daughter had a volleyball game in North St. Louis County (She’s quite the volleyball player, considering she’s in 3rd grade).  We got home tonight at about 6 o’clock and needed to have dinner.  What to do?

Pork butt to the rescue.

I took the bag of pulled pork, added a half cup of water, put it on the stove, and heated it on medium for about 15 minutes.


Then I added a dash of salt, chili powder, and cumin.


Finally I stirred it all up with the juices.


Behold!  Pork tacos for dinner.


Everyone loved it.

The lesson here?  Pork butts are amazing.  So, without further ado, I give you 10 thoughts on pork butt.

1.  Did you know that the pork butt is not the butt at all?  It’s actually on the front shoulder of the hog.  The back of a hog is the ham.  Actually, I prefer pork butt to ham nearly any day.

2.  Pork butt is also known as pork shoulder, Boston butt, picnic shoulder, shoulder blade roast, and Boston roast.

3.  Pork butt is used in Carnitas, the oh so tasty Mexican meat that is fried in lard and served with tortillas.  Real carnitas are a treat, but I make a pretty tasty crock-pot version.

4.  Did you know your pork is just acceptable?  Unlike beef, the government does not really judge pork.  Beef is graded as being one of eight levels, however, we are most used to seeing USDA Select, Choice, and Prime beef.  Those are all nice names.  Pork is not judged in the same manner.  There is just “acceptable” pork and “utility” pork.  I say give pork a better grading system…say, “delectable” and “detestable” (Taking a page from the Old Testament…which had a few things to say about pork).

5.  St. Louis takes pork seriously.  Texas has its beef brisket, Kansas City has its burnt ends, Memphis has its ribs.  We have a cut of ribs named after our fine town (which is better than baby back).  But since this is about pork butt, I have to mention that St. Louis staple, the pork steak.  My in-laws from Michigan hadn’t had it, and other people look at you funny when you describe it.  A pork steak is a steak sliced from the pork butt.  You grill them then dip them into a pan full of bbq sauce and beer.  It’s not really barbecuing, but rather grilling.  A well grilled pork steak is a wonderful thing.

6.  Pork butt and pork steaks are cheap!  I fed 45 people last year for $20 of meat.  Ron Swanson would be proud.  Honestly, I love the fact that you can get a tasty cut of meat for less than $2 a pound.

7.  Maull’s BBQ sauce is a St. Louis treat.  Frankly, it is the pork steak’s partner in crime.  The Louis Maull company started selling barbecue sauce in 1926, and is THE traditional way to serve a pork steak.  I like Original and Sweet-and-Mild sauce, but they offer many other varieties.

8.  A little more about Maull’s.  I love their slogan, “Don’t baste your barbecue, MAULL IT.”  It’s so violent.  Hey, you’re already eating a butchered animal and are roasting it over FIRE.  NOW SHOW IT WHO’S THE BOSS!  MAULL THAT MEAT!  To maul something is to “injure by a rough beating, shoving, or the like.”  Yes, that is what I would like to do my pork.  It had it coming for being so plump and juicy.  Also, in case you are curious, Britney Spears appeared in a Maull’s commercial, back when she was still that innocent…oops, I did it again…I used a bad pun.

9.  Now I said that I would use this blog to promote St. Louis as being a nice place, and not Scarymurderville.  But this is just too good to pass up…Apparently last week two gentlemen had an argument about whether they were cooking pork chops or pork steaks.  One man claimed pork chops, the other man claimed pork steaks (he was correct)…things did not go well…read the link HERE.

Do we take our pork steaks seriously here?

Yes.  Yes we do.

10.  Finally, on a lighter note, I love pig on the plate, but I also like pigs on the big screen.  I can watch Babe and Charlotte’s Web repeatedly.  It is highly unmanly.  But, I will say this.  I would eat Wilbur in a second.  Honestly, what can he really do?  Babe on the other hand, is handy around the farm.  He may live.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!