A couple of weeks ago we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Pretty much ever since, I’ve been craving Greek food.

Last night, my pleasant children had violin practice over in Creve Coeur. A quick look on Google Maps* showed me that there was a place called Pita Plus nearby. So, we headed over that way and found the restaurant in the corner of a shopping plaza on Olive Boulevard.

*I switched to iOS6 this morning. I had not heard about what a joke the new Apple Maps App is. To quote Gob Bluth, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Anyway, it was about 6:30 and very close to closing time. Pita Plus is very small, and we took one of tables near the window.

The gentleman who owns the establishment took our order, there was some confusion over what we all wanted, but he seemed eager to please. Also, after he brought out our food, he asked several times if everything was OK. He was very helpful and nice to the kiddos.

I got a gyro, the lovely wife got a chicken gyro, the talented daughter got an egg salad pita, and the wonderful son got a grilled chicken pita.

First and foremost at a place called Pita Plus, the pitas were great. My gyro was filled with the wonderfully spiced beef-lamb mixture. The gyro was filled with fresh onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. Sadly, I had only one lonely cucumber inside my gyro.

Another thing I really liked about the restaurant was the sauces. Squeeze bottles of tzatziki, hot sauce, and garlic sauce were stored in a refrigerated case. I thought this was fantastic, since I like my gyros overflowing with that tangy, creamy sour cream-cucumber sauce. The sauce was wonderful. I only wish I would have known about the other sauces earlier in the meal. The hot sauce and garlic sauce look like they are in ketchup and mustard bottles. I had a bit of the hot sauce on a piece of gyro meat, and it was VERY spicy, but would go well with the gyro overall.

My daughter’s egg salad sandwich was great…but it was pretty standard egg salad, which to me at least, is always good. Sarah liked her chicken gyro as well.

Here’s the big problem I had with Pita Plus, though. You don’t really get much for your money. No fries or side with the gyros, just a few pita chips on the (styrofoam) plates. Second, we’re usually water drinkers at restaurants. At a casual place like this, you kind of expect a drink fountain with free water. Not so here…we bought four bottled waters, adding EIGHT DOLLARS to our meal. Not a fan.

Finally, we had two baklava split between the four of us. I had to beg for plates, and we got our plasticware from a container near the counter. The baklava were good, not great.

Here’s my verdict. I liked the gyros, and the person who ran the store was very friendly, but I feel like we paid an extremely high price for what amounts to a street food meal. I wish the “Plus” in Pita Plus meant you would get more for your money. Instead, it felt like the + on the sign out front signified the prices you would pay inside.

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