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I wonder why we like apples with pork so much?  One of the first family functions I brought my wife to was a cousin’s wedding back in 1999.  Most of my family on my Mom’s side of the family are farmers, and the main course at the reception was a whole roasted hog.  I still chuckle at my lovely wife’s look of horror as the hog was on display in the buffet line, with the red juicy apple firmly placed in it’s mouth.  It was almost as if the pig just happened to be lounging under an apple tree, eating a Red Delicious, when it fell into a 400 degree pit.  Why do we do this?  It’s not like we bit into the pork and said, “This is really apple-y!”  Anyway, we seem to think these two go together.

So, there we were, a week after the apple picking extravaganza and we still had a large amount of apples around the house.  Additionally, about all we have left in the freezer right now are various cuts of pork, and you have a dinner pairing made in hog heaven.

I found a recipe from Martha Stewart’s website that seemed like it would fit the bill.  The recipe is HERE, but I’ll show you what we did below.


First I used the handy apple slicer-corer to cut up three apples.

Then I sliced up one whole onion.

I had four pork chops which I proceeded to pat dry (Thanks Julia Child) and season with salt and pepper.

I put a tablespoon of olive oil into the frying pan and fried the pork chops until they had browned on each side.


After they were cooked, I placed the chops on a heated plate and melted two tablespoons of butter back in the pan.  I added the onions and apples, and let them brown with the pan drippings and butter.


After about five minutes, I poured a cup of apple cider back into the pan.

The recipe called for apple cider, beer, or just plain water.  Once again, we still had plenty of cider left over from the week before, and this was a good use.

Next, I placed the chops back into the cider-onion-apple mixture.  At this point, you need to let the sauce boil down for about 15 minutes.  By that time, there should be little cider left, and you really have a sauce to go with your chops, apples, and cider.


Overall, it was a satisfying fall dish, and a good way to use our apples in a non-dessert way.  Now that it is cooler, what is a fall dish you really enjoy?  Let me know!