What a month.  I won’t go into details, but while everyone was freaking out about the Presidential election on November 6th, my family and I had bigger worries.    Here are the things I learned that day:

There are no routine medical procedures.
Nurses should be paid even more than they already are.  I do not want to do so, so, so, many parts of that job.
If I am ever in the hospital with something bad, I want the type of anesthesia that produces short term memory loss.  You do not want to remember everything.
Ambulances are FAST.  
Going forward, here are other things I have learned this month:
Any Major League Team who offers a long contract to a 34 year old male is a fool.  I suffered a kickball injury (playing with a group of kindergarten to second graders) that is still slowing me down.  Nearly three weeks on the DL with lower back pain.  Now when I hear about an athlete in their mid-thirties getting injured opening a jar of pickles, I understand.  
The sense of smell is a blessing and a curse.  I realized earlier this month that I hadn’t been able to smell for months.  It’s called anosmia.  
Steroids are crazy powerful things.  I am on them to relieve the nasal issues above.  They have also helped ease my back pain.  BUUUTTT,  I am on constant edge, have difficulty sleeping, and have odd bursts of extreme focus.  Also, I have been smelling things for the last two weeks for the first time in who knows how long.  
Flowers, Italian food, Anheuser Busch Brewery, Herbs, cookies, and coffee.
BO, Landfills, A mysterious area near St. Louis Mills, cherries.
I had forgotten these things.  I was working on 80% sensory awareness.  Welcome back smell.  
I WILL NEVER TAKE A DRUG STRONGER THAN PREDNISONE (or alcohol).  The Roids are powerful things.  I really hope they’ve shown those nasal polyps who is boss, because while they’ve helped me feel better, they also make me feel like the mouse who has unwittingly entered a room full of people.  
With all that said, I am hoping to get back on the blogging wagon this week.  Tomorrow I shall post about Pastaria…see you then.