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After our lovely meal at 11 11 Mississippi on Friday night, I had a very busy Saturday morning.  The details of which I will go into in another blog post.  I had to be home by noon so the lovely wife could go and photograph a wedding.  I have to say, I was pretty tired and didn’t really feel up to making lunch, even if that just meant quesadillas.  Furthermore, I knew the kiddos and I had plenty of Christmas shopping to do that afternoon, and I would be heading out AGAIN.  All this added up to my decision to seek out my comfort food of choice, INDIAN BUFFET!!!  Now the question was which way would I go…out to St. Peters and Copper Chimney, or toward the city and India Palace.  These are the two closest places for me to get my fix.  I was pretty sure the Palace would have gulab jamun available for dessert, so our decision was made.

Into the car, over the bridge, and off to the Best Western Airport we go.  As usual, my son became super excited when he saw the 11 story hotel and knew where we were going.*  

*If you were going to market a restaurant to a five year old boy, putting it on top of a hotel is a pretty good idea.  



And when we leave the restaurant, there is always the game of which of the elevator doors will open…his door won again!  EXTRA EXCITEMENT!


“G for ground floor,” I reply.


Anyway, the elevator ride adds to his total dining experience.  And this post is mostly about him.

Our wonderful five year old son can be quite a handful at times…but he is also quite the charmer.  Currently, he is the only boy in his small kindergarten class of nine students…and he LOVES it.  He put those skills to good use at India Palace Saturday.

The place was packed.  There was a line for the buffet. Brendan grabbed his usual tandoori chicken drumstick and serving of rice, but when we got to the portion of the line where beef korma (basically meatballs in korma sauce) is usually located, there was none to be found.  

The boy loudly but pleasantly proclaimed, “Oh man, there’s no meatballs today.  But that’s OK, I’ll just get something else.”  And with that picked out some chicken curry.  With full plates of aromatic curries, we returned to our booth.  Now, I don’t know who heard him, or how it happened, but one of the managers appeared minutes later with a special plate of meatballs just for the boy.  

His face lit up!  “YES!! MEATBALLS!!  THANK YOU!”  

And later…

“This is the best meal EVER.”  There were quite a few meatballs.  He already had a full plate of food, but he made room for four meatballs.  He even let his sister have one.  While I was back at the buffet getting dessert for the kids and I, the manager came back to the booth to ask the kiddos if they would like to take the rest of the meatballs home.  This is significant, as you are generally not permitted to bring leftovers home from the buffet. Being polite children, they said the would ask me if they could.  

(As if I would refuse extra meatballs.)  So, when the time for our bill came, he brought out a little container for the two remaining meatballs and sauce that was left.  As I checked the bill to leave a tip, I checked it closely.  

No charge for the meatballs.  So with that said, I’d like to say thank you for making my son’s day. 

Well played, India Palace, well played.