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On New Year’s Eve, the children and I were out and about getting ready for an evening of Back to the Future marathon goodness.*

*The kiddos loved Back to the Future.  I find the 1989 vision of 2015 interesting.  Pay phones and faxes are everywhere!  However, we certainly could put some more R+D money into hover technology.  A 2015 without hover boards and hover cars will be an incomplete future indeed.  Furthermore, any OTHER movie with a plot involving time travel holds no interest to me if it does not conform to the laws of the space-time continuum, as set forth by Dr. Emmett Brown.

As I was saying, we were out for lunch, and being back from Michigan with its plethora of Greek Coney Island restaurants, I was craving a gyro.  In St. Charles, your choices are limited.  However, Mario’s Donuts and Cafe is a nice place to get your Greek fix north of the Missouri River.

The wonderful daughter had a Greek salad.  It was enormous.  First, the good…Plenty of lettuce.  Next the bad…hardly any olives or cucumbers.  There was a decent amount of tomatoes, but they still got lost in the mound of lettuce.  The salad also contained chopped up pepperocini.  This too was not to her liking.  I had a few bites and thought it was ok, but not as good as the St. Louis Bread Company Greek Salad.  I would not order it again.

The delightful son had a grilled cheese sandwich.  The boy has never met a grilled cheese he did not like, and I have to say, it did look appetizing with thick slices of bread and ample amount of melted cheese.


(This is the best picture I took that day with my limited photographic skills.)

I had the gyro.  It was excellent.  The pita bread was warm and soft, and contained a good amount of hot gyro meat.  My pita contained a nice mix of lettuce, cucumber, red onions, and tomatoes.  Finally, it was LIBERALLY coated with tzatziki sauce.  Just the way I like it.

However, we all agreed the real hit were the french fries.  I’m not sure what they do to them, but it almost seems that the fries are dipped in some sort of extra batter before being fried.  Hot, salty, crunchy on the outside, mushy on the inside, they were outstanding.  The lovely daughter sneaked several off of my plate as well as the plate of her brother.

Finally, I will say I have been here a couple of times, and have always found the service to be good.  The gentlemen behind the counter called me boss or sir a couple of times, and I am a total sucker for that.

We left the restaurant filled, fully fueled to say αντίο (goodbye) to 2012 and celebrate a new year full of good times and good food.


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