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I am really afraid this is going to be one of those years where we really don’t have a spring.  I just get a feeling it’s going to be cool right up to the last day of school (A month from today, not that anyone is counting…22 actual school days left…154 hours of instructional time…) then BOOM!  Summer will hit with full force 95 degree heat, and we will commence with three months of midwestern misery.  However, this has been a lovely weekend, if a bit on the cool side, and for the first time this year, I fired up the old Weber Performer Grill and made some fantastic ribeye steaks that I purchased at Costco yesterday.  

I made this purchase in hopes that we would have friends over today, but sadly things fell through with both families we invited.  On the bright side, I now have additional steaks for future guests.  Also, I now am fully confident I can make some amazing steaks for that time. 

I am somewhat intimidated by thick-cut meat, whether it is pork, chicken, or steaks.  There is always the challenge of doneness vs. dryness.  I certainly understand the need to cook pork and chicken to the point where micro-badguys meat their doom, yet I also HATE cooking any meat to the point where they resemble the briquettes they were cooked by.  

At the same time, I also hate the look of horror on my guest’s face when a piece of meat is not cooked to their liking.  I tend to like things on the rarer side, while my mom likes things partially mummified.  My wife is a little picky about doneness as well, and I always feel like a total failure when things need to be put back on the grill (or worse, the microwave!)

Anyway, tonight I grilled three VERY thick ribeyes from Costco.  After about 7 minutes of direct heat right over the coals, I moved them around the edges of the coals and put the cover on the grill for another eight minutes of cooking.  Took them off the grill, let them rest covered for another seven minutes, and then we dug in to some of the best steaks I’ve ever made.  They were perfectly medium to medium-rare throughout, with a nice brown crust on the outside.  The lovely wife and I paired it with both chimichurri sauce (which is becoming a real house favorite) and Malbec wine…very Argentinian.  

People often mistake me for a gaucho.

The lovely wife took some fantastic pictures of our delightful dinner, and you may commence mouth watering now.



As an aside, the lovely family and I did some hiking this weekend, and I looked for some morel mushrooms without any success.  Today I went out again looking without any success.  So, if any of you are amateur or professional mycologists (people who study mushrooms and other fungi) and would have any tips for me, or where I should be looking in the St. Louis area, let me know!

All in all, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a great week ahead.