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The wonderful children and I have adventure day once a week this summer.  On that day we go and do something fun or different around town.  Last Tuesday, we went to the zoo on a very rainy, cool morning.  There is nothing better than an empty St. Louis zoo.  After a pleasant morning petting stingrays, admiring penguins, and gazing at gazelles, we were hungry for a new place for lunch.  So we headed off to the Hill for something different.

I’d heard of Anthonio’s Taverna before, but every time we’d tried to visit, it had been insanely busy.  On this Tuesday, that was not a problem.  The children and I were promptly seated, and we quickly decided on our meal.

First off, go for the fried pickles.  I’m a total sucker for fried pickles, but only if they are fried pickle CHIPS, and not fried pickle SPEARS.  Anthonio’s serves them with a tzatziki sauce, and they were fantastic…we ate them so quickly that I neglected to get a picture.  Regardless, they are lightly battered, perfectly crisp, and a perfect match with tzatziki (which also has cucumber in it).

The wonderful daughter had a Caprese salad, while the delightful son had macaroni and cheese.

The Caprese salad was excellent with wedges of roma tomatoes served with big chunks of fresh mozzarella.  It was served with a helping portion of herbed olive oil, placed on a bed of large fresh basil leaves.  It was excellent.  She ate it right up.


As for the macaroni, the delightful son kept saying how buttery it was.  Usually he demands bright yellow macaroni, but even in this cheesy white sauce, he was satisfied.  And I must say, I snuck a few bites, and it was extraordinarily creamy.  The waitress (who was wonderful) told my son that she regularly orders the mac and cheese herself.


As for me, I had a Big Anthony burger.  This cheeseburger comes with a healthy dose of gyro meat on top.  Overall, the burger was juicy and moist, and the gyro meat was perfectly spiced.  I had it with a side zucchini salad, rather than fries, seeing that I’d already gorged myself on fried pickles.


The salad was a real treat.  Diced zucchini was contrasted by tart, crisp apple chunks.  It was a very refreshing summer salad, and was a great way to end my meal.

Our service was excellent, and we were in and out, and on our way to an afternoon fishing expedition to complete our adventure day.  We didn’t catch anything, but that was okay.  Anthonio’s had already been the real catch of the day.

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