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A year ago at this time, I was new to blogging.  The lovely wife suggested I go as something to do aside from teaching.  A year later, I find myself back at the Food Media Forum, sponsored by the FANTASTIC PEOPLE AT CHIPOTLE, being served delightful treats from various restaurants from around St. Louis including Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar (A favorite), LoRusso’s, Sqwires in Lafayette Square, Ricardos in Lafayette Square, and Sunset 44.

The lovely wife was not able to attend tonight, and let’s just say I’m not the best at mingling solo*…however beer was involved because we were hosted by the good people at Schlafly Tap House.

*At one beer, I may strike up a conversation along the lines of, “Hey, what are YOU drinking?”  At two beers, it becomes “Hi, I’m Jason, pleased to meet you.”  At three beers, I may start expressing mildly interesting opinions or philosophies.  At four beers, I may be inclined to hug.

I had four beers this evening…but I repressed my hugging instincts.

A few food notes from this evening:

The chocolate chocolate chip cookies from Sunset 44 were heavenly.

The tapenade from LoRusso’s was amazing.

The meatballs from Ricardos were outstanding.

Bridge had all poultry dishes, so I couldn’t partake, but it looked amazing, and I heard good things (as usual).

So, the keynote speakers this evening were from Ideas in Food, and they passed along info and hints into what makes a blog successful and helpful.  They were great, but I think the real treat of the evening was interacting with people who love St. Louis and love food.  I got to meat the charming couple who run Poptions Popcorn in Frontenac, Fr.  Dominic Garramone, who used to have a cooking show on PBS, and now has a blog called The Bread Monk, and a wonderful representative from Operation Food Search who helps feed the hungry in St. Louis, a nobler cause than all the four and five star restaurants combined.

All in all, it was a fun evening, and I’m looking forward to getting back to the Forum bright and early tomorrow morning!