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Besides the delicious food of course!

This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Food Media Forum in St. Louis.  It was a conference featuring food bloggers, future food bloggers, and Internet media superstars who all gathered in St. Louis to learn how to communicate their passion about food more effectively.

I attended the 2012 Food Media Forum and was inspired to start this rather humble blog.  However, the conference was held later this year, right before the school year was about to begin.

I wasn’t planning on going, thinking I would be too busy with preparations for the upcoming school year.  That all changed on July 31 when I received an email asking if I would like to be sponsored by Chipotle and attend the conference.

Yes.  Yes I would.

So the good people at Chipotle hooked me up with the ticket, and I reciprocated last week by grabbing dinner with the fantastic family at their U. City Loop location.


I had the barbacoa burrito with all the fixings.  It was fresh and savory with just enough warming heat to keep you going back for seconds on water.

The wonderful daughter had the chicken bowl, a low-carb treat for the diabetic.

The delightful son had the vegetarian burrito.  There is little he won’t do for black beans.

Finally, the lovely wife had a chicken burrito, and went light on the chicken…she’s doing a bit better with the weight loss right now than I am…

All in all, we were in and out in a flash and had a fresh tasting dinner that kept everyone fueled for an evening at school getting ready for back to school night.

So, without further ado, here’s my unabashed plug for Chipotle.


1. They use naturally raised pork, beef, and chicken.  That means their animals are familiar with the outside world, rather than a cage.  They also try to buy local produce whenever possible.  Way to go!

2.  It’s made your way.  According to a recent article there are 635,000 possible combinations available at each location.  In other words, you could eat there for over 1739 years and not have the same thing twice.

3.  They supported a rather insignificant blogger like me.  I am certainly no web powerhouse…I reach dozens…DOZENS! of readers each day.  So, dear reader, if they could support a little guy like me, it would be nice if a couple of my readers supported them.

So, thanks again Chipotle, for making a little guy feel pretty big.