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The lovely wife reminded me last night that I used to be a blogger.  Apparently, I was a fairly good blogger from time to time.  Yet, about a year ago, with a final flourish, I ceased to be a blogger.  I wrote a very well received goodbye letter to St. Louis*, (read over the air on Y98FM…the peak of my fame) and I closed that chapter of my life to go on to bigger and better things.

*Apparently the St. Louis metro area responded to my goodbye letter by going through a period of rather self-destructive behavior.  I really hate to see it, and I hope this difficult period brings about some real change to the whole area.

That bigger and better* place is Vegas.  LAS Vegas.  Spanish for “the meadows.”  If there is a more inappropriately named city in the United States, I’d like to find it.  We have settled in nicely, with our children’s resentment of our move lessening each day. Except the days we find scorpions.  In the toilet**.

*Completely inaccurate.  St. Louis metro is bigger, and Las Vegas is only questionably better…

**We previously lived in Las Vegas for four years and NEVER saw a scorpion.  That has not been the case this time around.  Earlier this summer, around bedtime, my daughter bellowed from upstairs words you never think you’ll hear, “DAD…THERE IS A SCORPION IN THE TOILET!”  He had himself(herself?) nestled in the front of the lower bowl…Let’s just say you were sitting down to do some business, it would have been primed to strike in a number of unfortunate areas.

Las Vegas is well known as a culinary destination, but the vast majority of the famous, high end establishments are located on the strip.  I like to avoid the strip like the plague.  It is Vegas’ reason for existence, and I am thankful for those who choose to partake in its hedonistic excess, but the lovely wife and children don’t seem to be terribly interested in high-stakes baccarat or clubbing.

So, what to write about?  Well, I think I’ll focus on local establishments on the west side of town.  I also have developed a new passion over the last year, and that is the humble Weber Charcoal Grill.  I’ve collected a few, and find myself wanting to grill everything, as it gives me a chance to get outside, make fire, and cook something delicious.  I’m not sure if I’ll have any revolutionary tips, but that’s where my life is right now.  Finally, I think I’ll try to share tidbits of my life every now and then.  I still think my favorite post was about my trip to the dentist, and I’d like to share more of that.

Overall, I think I am starting this up again with the intent to flex my creative muscles, and give the random reader out in let’s say, Uzbekistan*** (ONE VIEW ACCORDING TO WORDPRESS!) something to brighten their precious time for a few minutes.

***Sorry…last thing!  I was just reading an article in National Geographic the other day that the government of Uzbekistan FORCES its citizens to pick cotton every year at harvest time.  HOW DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?  Government forced labor in 2015.  Scary.  Soooo…if you ARE that reader in Uzbekistan, I sincerely apologize for my incredibly easy life.  ALSO, RUN AWAY!  FLEE!  ESCAPE UZBEKISTAN!

I have just been banned in Uzbekistan.