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This is going to be another post on another pork product…by now, you may be wondering, “What is this guy’s deal?  Is he sponsored by the National Pork Board?  I thought he believed in healthy living?”

Well, I’ll answer those two questions in order.

First, I totally wish I was sponsored by the National Pork Board.  That would be awesome.  Second, I do believe in healthy living, and generally speaking, I try to be healthy.  It just seems as that this blog goes on, the really awesome things I discover or make happen to be slightly unhealthy, and/or pork inspired.  I swear, I’ll try to branch out onto different topics here as we go through the fall.

By the way, as to the health question, I’ve really been trying to eat healthy lunches at school to set a good example for the kiddos.  Last week, my standard lunch consisted of an avocado, a red pepper cut into strips, and cucumbers with hummus.  Also, I discovered a new delicacy last week, avocado on the half shell…it’s a couple of slices of avocado with salt on a half a red pepper.  The kids think it’s a little weird, but I like it.  There you have it, a pork free lunch.

Speaking of pork, let’s talk about sausage.  Sausage is truly a wonder of the culinary world.  Ground meat packed into cleaned intestines doesn’t sound like a real crowd pleaser.  Interestingly, according to historians, people first made sausage by stuffing the leftovers of butchering into the intestines.  I’m really not sure I would have wanted to be the person who tried the first sausage ever made.

“Hey Ugluk, try this.”

“What is it Kozma?”

“Organs, fat, and parts stuffed in this intestine.”

“No thank you.”

But apparently someone eventually tried it, and it certainly caught on since virtually every culture on earth has some variety of sausage.  As a matter of fact, sausage was popular among the Greeks and Romans…so this is an all time winner.

I’ll be devoting a lot of time and blogging to our church’s Sausage Supper next month.  But today, I’m going to be talking about one of the finest members of the sausage family, chorizo.

Chorizo started out in Spain, but traveled with the conquistadores on their many adventures in the New World.  Today, Chorizo is found throughout Latin in various forms from Tijuana, Mexico to Ushuaia, Argentina.  Traditionally, Spanish chorizo was flavored with paprika.  However, the Mexican chorizo that we are more familiar with here in the US is flavored with chili peppers.

On Friday night, I was planning on making sweet potato-chorizo soup, and had already started cooking the chorizo from G&W Sausage here in St. Louis, when the kids told me they didn’t want soup.  On a Friday night after a long week, I was not going to argue.  They wanted leftover spaghetti (more on that in tomorrow’s blog post).  That was fine with me.

Meanwhile, I needed to figure out what to do with the chorizo happily frying on the stove.  I also had a couple of tortas (Mexican bread) sitting around from an event the weekend before.  I immediately had a nugget of an idea.


I searched chorizo sandwich on google and there was something called a choripan.  A Choripan is an Argentinean chorizo sandwich served on a French roll with their national sauce, chimichurri.  You can also have it with salsa, or any number of condiments.

Immediately inspired, I sliced the torta and began to toast it while the chorizo continued its merry dance in the pan.  Once everything was ready, I sliced open one of the chorizos (I saved the other two for the soup), and placed it on the warm, toasty bun.  Then I placed some Colby Jack cheese, and salsa on top of the chorizo…I did not make chimichurri!

Then I spread some mayo on the other half of the torta.

Here it is before I dug in:





This sandwich is AMAZING.  It made me want to go to Buenos Aires and sample the choripan of every street vendor I could find.  I strongly suggest you try it.  So, get yourself some chorizo and become a part of the global sausage community.  Have a great week!