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Roughly translated, I think it means “Addictive sauce that will cause you to eat far more flank steak than you intended to.”

I am now highly intrigued by Argentinian cuisine.  I tried their national sandwich earlier this year, and have now experienced their sauce.

It is a miracle these people are physically capable of leaving their homes, because if I lived in Argentina, I don’t think I’d fit out my door.

Maybe all the tangoing keeps them fit.

I bought two flank steaks a while back at Costco, and I was looking for a different way to prepare the second one.  Anyway, I saw a recipe a while back for flank steak with chimichurri on Weight Watchers.  Unfortunately, I did not follow their serving guidelines or healthy recipe Saturday evening.

Three quick thoughts on this delightful sauce.

1.  I cannot think of a better use for parsley.  Whenever I buy a bunch of parsley in the store, I always think, “Well 90% of this is going to be garbage.”  Which totally stinks.  I used nearly the whole bunch in this recipe, and I’ll use the rest on a roast this week.

2.  No one seems to know exactly where the name for this sauce came from, or what it means.  There are several theories, but no one seems sure which is correct.  I’m always interested in the etymology of different foods, and this one seems to be one of those mysterious dishes that no one can quite explain the name.

3.  I totally love my immersion blender.  They give you this cup with the blender, and I used it tonight for the sauce.  It worked perfectly.  If the good people at Cuisinart would like to sponsor me, I’d be completely up for that.  I’LL BLEND ANYTHING!  That could be a new blog: Will it Blend?

Anyway, I certainly won’t take credit for the chimichurri recipe, so here’s the link to the one I used.

Roughly chop the parsley and put in your blender/immersion blender wonder bowl.


Add the oil, vinegar, oregano, cumin, garlic, salt, and hot sauce


GO TO TOWN WITH IMMERSION BLENDER.  (Or use your regular blender/food processor) I think this took ten seconds.


Serve over the steak of your choice.

Try not to eat all the steak.

One final note.  We had leftover chimichurri sauce that we put in ice cube trays and froze.  I’m going to use these bricks of frozen Latin American flavor to marinate some future steaks.